5 Reasons to Study in England

When you’re in university, it’s the perfect time to expose yourself to a wide array of life experiences, from different classes to extracurricular and social activities. But beyond that, it’s the perfect time to go study abroad. When else in your life will you have such freedom, and the opportunity to take your studies to a different country? England is a diverse country with so much opportunity to have a life-changing experience abroad. From finance degree courses in London to computer science, English lit or really anything you can imagine, you can study anything and everything while immersed in the extraordinary British culture. here are 5 reasons to head to England to study:


Improve your Professional Potential

International experience is something that employers look very highly upon. It looks great on a resume, especially compared to someone who didn’t study abroad. Along with your study experience, you’ll find opportunities to land an internship in England as well. All of these experiences will give you a diverse range of experience that will get you hired when you go home.

Expand Your Horizons

While university is an expanding time in itself, going abroad is one way to really challenge yourself while you’re young and expand your horizons farther than you imagined. Not only will you be away from home and family, but you’ll experience things firsthand that you’ve only read about or seen on TV or movies. You will learn to appreciate people who are different from you, learn how to be flexible in a new culture and will generally grow as a person.

Perfect Your English

If English is your second language, studying abroad in England is the perfect opportunity to perfect your English skills. It’s so true that you will become fluent in a language the most easily if you are immersed in that language, so what are you waiting for?

Gain New Perspectives

Leaving home really helps you gain perspectives that you might not have if you never left. You’ll get to see a completely different worldview from inside a different culture. It’s the perfect thing to do while you’re young, to keep your mind fresh and open.

Change Yourself Forever

Traveling is an activity that should come with a disclaimer: it can be very addictive! You will have such a rich lifestyle, full of new friends, experiences, peak moments and challenges that you won’t believe how much can be packed into one day. You might get home and deeply miss the adventurous lifestyle of living abroad. This could cause you to leap back into the traveling life at the first opportunity… teaching abroad after university… exploring South America, Southeast Asia and beyond… so studying abroad could be just the beginning of the adventure!

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