Antarctica: How To Pack For The Harshest Place On Earth

Antarctica: How To Pack For The Harshest Place On Earth


If you are considering making the trek from Argentina to Antarctica, then you definitely need to be prepared. The trek from Argentina to Antarctica crosses the Drake Passage and you will normally leave from Ushuaia, but what should you take with you to one of the most unique travel destinations on earth. Here is my guide for things that helped me when I went to Antarctica.


Of course getting the right clothing is going to be important for the place with the lowest temperature recorded on earth, so you should definitely invest in the best that you can afford. Of course this is not a destination where you can be underprepared when it comes to clothing! Waterproof clothing is of course very important, particularly if you decide to take a Zodiac boat tour between the icebergs (which I would highly recommend). Layers are a really great way to deal with the cold and are perfect for the summer months in Antarctica, especially because the weather can be very cold or surprisingly warm. When I was there and I was cold I simply added another layer, or took one off when I was too warm.

A good quality backpack

A good backpack is absolutely perfect for taking to Antarctica. You can use it on small trips like Zodiac tours or for walking around. Ideally, you want a backpack that is big enough to store the camera and binoculars that we talked about above, as well as a few extra layers of clothing. I took a waterproof bag with me and I think this was a very good idea and helped me to protect my camera very well. This is also a great idea if you want to get up close and personal with the Antarctic waters by kayaking or small boat tours.

A good camera and binoculars

A good camera is, of course, a given in a once in a lifetime destination like Antarctica. I would highly recommend spending a bit more on a camera, because the resulting photos will be something that you cherish for the rest of your life. I would also suggest bringing spare batteries and memory cards, because you will be most likely using the camera quite a lot and you will need some room to store all the stunning pictures that you will take. Binoculars are also another thing not to leave at home and the more powerful, the better. Most of the sites of Antarctica will not necessarily be very close, so these can be extremely useful. My binoculars were particularly useful when watching whales, seals and the many species of birds.


Of course taking any necessary medication with you is going to be a great idea, because the chances of finding it on Antarctica are going to be extremely slim. I also went to the doctor to ensure that I was in good health before I left and did this a little bit in advance to make sure that I was fit and ready to go.

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