What the cloud can do for business

As a business owner, it’s highly likely that you are already aware of the basic principles of the cloud – or have at least heard its name being mentioned in passing.

However, how clued-up are you on what exactly it can do to benefit your operations? The potential for the technology is extremely high, but many firms are limited by a lack of understanding as to what the cloud can actually help them to achieve.

One of the first mistakes many make is having the assumption the cloud is not for them, without really looking into the functions it actually provides. With the adoption rates of this platform continually on the rise, the presumption it will simply fade out and go away is not one you can afford to make and if the cloud can potentially support your business, it makes sense to benefit from it sooner, rather than later.

A recent canopy infographic revealed almost half of all firms that choose to adopt the cloud do so to reduce their costs. In any industry, this can be reason enough to consider making the transition to this system and a further 70 per cent reported actually seeing their outgoings reduced as a result of moving to the cloud.

One of the main reasons why you’re likely to see such savings is because the cloud does not require expensive hardware to keep your business running. This not only means you do not have to pay for the electricity to power it, but you also don’t have to invest in the office space to accommodate the servers that would otherwise be required.

Similarly, the fact the technology is all kept off-site means you are protecting yourself against the risk of having your operations grind to a halt should the worst happen at your office. If, for example, your workplace were to be flooded, your business continuity would be protected along with all the data stored in the cloud. This means that even if your office was temporarily uninhabitable, you would still be able to continue working by accessing the cloud from home or another location.


There are, in fact, plenty of different purposes the cloud can be utilised for in any business sector. Nearly three-fifths (57 per cent) of companies use it to support their human resources department, while over half also take advantage of it to benefit their sales and marketing efforts and/or IT management systems.

One of the main benefits of the cloud is its ability for employees to share information with one another, making it much simpler for colleagues to collaborate on team projects.

Additionally, this feature can also facilitate in the delivery of financial and supply chain logistics, with different departments like customer services also able to access the information they need from the same location, making cross-company communication an all-round easier process.

Ultimately, the versatility of the cloud is its real strength and there’s little wonder why so many companies are now beginning to realise its potential. Regardless of what sector you operate in, if you use IT, then chances are you can benefit from adopting this technology.

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