Most in demand jobs of 2014

In recent years, the resources boom has meant anyone looking for work simply headed “to the mines” where jobs were plentiful and pay packets were bulging. As the dust settles on this industry slightly, there are other areas where job demand will increase.

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Carers & Aides

With an ageing population, the demand for home based care is on the rise. Trained carers and aides who can assist families with the day to day care of ageing family members and support the medical profession in follow up assistance is essential. This service based sector continues to grow and is expected to increase by up to 20% in the next three to four years. The trend for people to stay in their own homes with home based assistance is going to increase over the traditional means of retiring, selling the family home and moving into a retirement village meaning demand for carers in these areas will rise.

Software programming

With the popularity in online advertising and online stores, the need for fast, efficient and cost effective programing is increasingly important. Programmers that can address businesses’ needs and write software that is product appropriate and is easily synchronised into their day to day business is increasing in demand. Not only is it an open ended market, it’s lucrative also as businesses are aware they need to stay up to date and on trend to keep up with the competition so are prepared to pay well to do so. There are so many different aspects of online programming and jobs in this area – a look on any recruitment website, like will give you an example.


As the population rises dramatically, it is obvious that the number of school aged children will continue to rise. As long established teachers enter into retirement, the need for good educators across primary, secondary and tertiary institutions is rising and experts say there will be over 60,000 new education jobs in coming years.

Construction Trades

Again with the growing population comes the need for more housing and with that the demand for carpenters, electricians, plumbers and general tradespeople will increase. Over 160,000 new dwellings are expected to be built in 2013-2014 which is a big increase on previous years and will mean that competition for skilled tradespeople will be fierce.

Financial Professionals

Accountants and financial professionals will continue to be in demand as companies become more competitive and look to be cost effective. With more and more legislation and regulations for companies, reporting is essential and skilled professionals are highly sought after.


From a general perspective, any job that offers a positive work/life balance will be heavily in demand. In previous generations, it was natural for one parent (mostly mothers) to stay at home once children were born while the father went out to work. With rising costs of living, it is now normal for both parents to work, so flexibility for all works to cater for school holidays, illnesses and family life in general are highly sought after.

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