How Important is Local SEO

You might have heard the terms “SEO” and “local SEO” thrown around, but how important are they resally to implement as part of your business? The truth is, in this day and age using local SEO marketing is quite vital to stay competitive in the online market.


What is local SEO? Quite simply, it’s a form of local online marketing that matches the key words of your business with the terms searched by customers. In this way, customers are directed to your business at exactly the time they need it. Since the majority of customers use the internet to search for local businesses, implementing local SEO should be a standard practice in your marketing strategy.

The Rise of Online Searches

Over the past decades, there has been an incredible rise in the amount of online searches for local businesses. The majority of customers now use the internet to find local business, over paper directories. When a customer types in a search term, the businesses using local SEO that match those search terms will come up first. Since most people don’t click past the first page of Google…you do the math. Basically, you want your business to show up on that first page, and the way to do that is by utilizing local SEO.

Local SEO is timely and efficient

When you use local SEO to market your business, you don’t deal with sunk costs of advertising like flyers and papers. You don’t waste money or time reaching out to customers who don’t need you. Local SEO connects your business to customers who need you in real time. And there are even some free ways to utilize local SEO, like listing your business in Google Maps. It’s an efficient and timely way to reach out to your target customer.

Reach Mobile Customers

These days, almost everyone you see walking down the street has got their mobile device handy, searching for the places they need to the find along the way. This is the market you can tap right into through local SEO. Local SEO applies to both PCs and mobile devices so you can reach your target customer literally as they are looking for your type of business. The higher you rank on Google or similar sites, the greater chance that customers will be pointed to your business. Local SEO is vital to remain competitive in today’s online market.

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