How Play can improve the Bottom Line for Business.

How Play can improve the Bottom Line for Business.

How often do you get up in the morning and think to yourself ‘I really can’t be bothered going to work today’, I’m one of those people for sure. For many people across the UK and indeed the world they are not very happy at work. This is because we see work as a chore, a tedious but necessary task to pay the bills, pay our mortgages and put food on the table. We clock in leave our brains at the door and plug away for the next 8 hours, hoping that time goes by fast so we can pick up our brains and go home.

Work should be fun.

It shouldn’t be like this, work should be fun, enjoyable and we should be able to have a laugh and get on with our co-workers rather than complaining about the boss or moaning it’s all just work, work, and work. However a radical new solution is now being adapted across Britain to tackle this problem, with innovative bosses now introducing the work and play scheme, yes this sounds strange at first but studies have shown that happier workers generally work harder. Therefore the company’s productivity increases which is good for both employer and employee.

The Science.

The science behind this is that playing or playtime releases endorphins and serotonin into the brain, these pleasure chemicals help to reduce the stress and anxiety many of us associate with work. By reducing these factors our brains become more productive, our focus is sharpened and the imagination stimulated. This all leads to more creative thinking, better problem solving skills and our general sense of wellbeing.

The Solution.

Taking inspiration from the big American companies like Google, LinkedIn and skype, many forward thinking British companies are now introducing games rooms in to the work place. According to one games room specialist at Home Leisure Direct purchases of pool tables, table tennis and foosball machines have increased significantly not by the general public but by company directors who want to create a fun but workable environment for their employees. Some employers have even gone as far as setting up tournaments or competitions with rewards and bonuses for the winners to encourage healthy competiveness between co-workers. This brings staff closer together through bonding which spills over in to the work place making it more productive and happier place to be.

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