How to market your business

You’ve worked hard to get your company off the ground, spent hours perfecting your business plan, secured a loan and invested in skills and equipment.

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But what good is all this if nobody knows your company exists or what it can offer them?

Part of your budget inevitably has to be spent on marketing so you can get your name out there and start attracting customers to your product or service.

It’s not just a question of putting some adverts out in your local paper, however. An effective marketing strategy has to incorporate a number of different avenues to make sure word of your business is spread far and wide – and in the digital age, it also has to include a way to enhance your online presence.

Read on for some tips on how to market your business to the world.

Get social

One of the best tools out there is social media – which not only provides a huge audience waiting to devour new information – but is also free to use.

Once you know who your target demographic is, do some research to discover which social media sites they like to hang out on and which would therefore be best for your marketing efforts to be concentrated on.

For example, if you have a business that lends itself well to images, try Instagram and Pinterest. If your audience is young, Facebook and Twitter are where they’re likely to be spending their time. For B2B marketing, LinkedIn can’t be ignored.

Do market research

Conducting market research can give businesses a picture of which services and products are working with consumers and those that will ultimately bring in profit.

It’s also essential so companies can analyse whether or not they are meeting their customers’ needs and expectations. There’s no need to guess what your consumers want when there are a plethora of communication channels – social media, email, phone calls – through which you can ask them directly.

Ways in which to collect data include interviews, surveys and questionnaires. Using free conference calls is one way in which to make contact with focus groups and consumers  – with the added benefits of being more personal, immediate and friendly than email.

Content marketing

A trend that is taking over the advertising world at the moment is content marketing, which is placing articles, blog posts, videos or photos on to your website and social networks in order to attract and engage a regular audience.

By constantly creating and posting valuable content, more people will be drawn to your website and take an interest in your product. It is the fine art of communicating with your customers without selling to them.

Content marketing is used by some of the biggest – and smallest – organisations in the world and the main reason for this is because it works.

Create engaging content and you will be rewarded with a larger amount of traffic to your site, this in turn will push up your ranking in search engine results pages. As using Google – or other search pages – is the main way in which consumers find out about a business, focusing on this strategy will make a huge difference to sales figures.


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