How to market your products at large events

From car shows to technology exhibitions, plenty of major events take place up and down the country each year and such large-scale gatherings provide companies with a unique opportunity to advertise their products to thousands of people in a fresh and innovative way.

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Marketers dream of having so many potential customers in one place at the same time, but just because there is lots of footfall, that doesn’t automatically mean you will boost your sales. Chances are there will be hundreds of other exhibitors trying their hardest to plug their business at the show and competition is always fierce.

This means you have to do something a little special if your brand is going to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to help you market your goods effectively at big events.

Goody bags

Most people will remember the sense of excitement they felt when they picked up a goody bag as they left a birthday party when they were at school. Many might not admit it, but there is still something quite magical about receiving a mysterious package that is full of surprises.

One foolproof way of ensuring people remember your company is to issue them with branded drawstring bags as they leave your stall or pitching area. You should fill these with plenty of useful items such as pens and notepads, all of which should contain your firm’s logo. We all love to receive something for nothing and you must not underestimate just how effective a free goody bag can be.


With 200,000 sq ft of floor space, venues like the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham can accommodate an enormous number of businesses and it is all too easy for your company to blend into the background. You need some sort of hook to lure in potential customers, so it is important to have entertainment on offer.

You might set up some challenging games and activities, or you could have a big, furry mascot that appeals to children. Regardless of how big the arena is, word quickly gets around that there is something worth seeing or doing, so you will soon find visitors flocking towards you.

Look professional

You are hardly going to attract attention if you have used a cheap decorating table to create a makeshift stand, especially if you are surrounded by firms that have put together an impressive pitch that includes TV screens, music and free iPad access. Of course, everyone has a budget to stick to, but you can still add a little bit of razzmatazz to your stand without breaking the bank.

Don’t wait for customers to come to you

The most successful marketers at big events will send members of their team around the site in order to drum up interest in your products. Make sure they are wearing branded t-shirts and also arm them with handfuls of leaflets to give to visitors.

Celebrity appearances

Again, this may be out of the question for organisations that have tight budgets to stick to, but getting a well-known person to promote your products is a foolproof way of drawing attention to yourself. People will jump at the chance to have a brief meet and greet with all kinds of minor celebrities and they will certainly remember your company when they reflect on the highlights of the show, especially if they have had their photograph taken with the star – who just happened to be wearing one of your branded t-shirts.


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