Integrated Labels For E-Commerce

Integrated Labels For E-Commerce


The e-commerce sector has seen a rapid rise recently and most of this is due to the hugely increasing popularity of online shopping. Businesses everywhere are making the move and everyone is always looking for little things that can help improve efficiency, brand awareness and customer service. Integrated labels are one of these things that can truly help to do this and are something that doesn’t require any huge changes to implement. Here are some reasons that these tiny things are making such a big difference.

What are they?

Integrated labels are just like regular pieces of paper, but they have an integrated label on a section of the paper. This label can be removed from the piece of paper and used for something else. Typically they are used for things like returns forms, where they can be easily removed and placed on to the packaging and easily sent back. Integrated labels form just a surprisingly important part of a bigger set of things that can help your business.


Using only one type of paper reduces the need for additional printers, paper and time. This means that everything is simplified and in the one place. The fact that all the printed information should be on the one page means that any mix ups are reduced when packing and despatching items. This is because the person doing these tasks has a centralised reference point for the order and they do not need to look at several sheets of paper to fulfil an order.

Reduced waste

Generally speaking, when your business uses a label, it uses a separate sheet for different things and this means that to print other information you would need to print not only the label, but the other information on other sheets of paper too. By using only one you save paper and power too, and in a larger, high volume e-commerce business this can really add up.

Easy Implementation

The great thing about integrated labels is that they are extremely easy to implement, they are much the same as normal paper and only require that you know the dimensions of where the label is on the paper. This information is most often provided by the supplier or manufacturer and it is extremely easy to use.

They look professional

One of the best things about these types of labels is that they are not only practical, but they look extremely professional and can seriously improve brand awareness for your brand. They are simple and they show everything a customer needs in one place.

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