Meeting a supply chain consultant

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Meeting a supply chain consultant

I’m a supply chain consultant said Tim, a friend of my brother’s. What is one of those I asked? You know when you wished you had never asked and the person bores you rigid on some subject (usually themselves) or another. Well Tim was different; he obviously loved his job and his enthusiasm made me warm to the answer to my question. I’d hate to think of the boredom I’d inflict on someone when describing my job, I’m sure the response would not be very flattering.

So this is what I understand a supply chain consultant does when you call one in to improve your business and make sure that your product gets from A-B as smoothly and profitably as possible. If your customer is based across the other side of the globe you will need to ensure that your product arrives there safely as ordered and on time. This means that you know that you have the correct amount of product to transport, it is no good having only five items when your buyer has ordered six. Making sure you have the product in stock is the vital first step in ensuring customer satisfaction, so keeping your inventory up to scratch plays an important role in the way you run and keep tabs on your company’s operation. Then there is transportation which must appear to your customer to run as seamlessly as possible, so that everything is delivered on time and at the most cost effective way to you.

How you run the warehouse is key to your running a successful business and maintaining an accurate inventory is the first step to keeping your client base satisfied. Then of course transport and all the legalities that ensue as well as making sure your not sending one cargo when it could be two thus increasing your supply while at the same time keeping your costs to a minimum. Accountancy and an efficient billing system will maintain cash flow and profitability. Now if these three components are not melding together it is only the tip of the iceberg and means that your business is not running at optimum levels. You are the perfect candidate to hire a supply chain consultant.

The initial consultancy will be to gain an overview of your business that will expose the flaws in your operation, for instance the sales and general operation procedures and techniques. What your consultant will do is effectively demolish, in theory, your entire business plan and then rebuild it giving you an entirely new business model that will deliver you a totally different and cost efficient trading base. If you are in any doubt about your ability to keep up with your rivals and wish to get to the top of your field then get on to the internet and find your ideal supply chain consultant.

I often think back to that day I met Tim and I fondly remember that I bought all the drinks, he certainly got that supply chain right, but it was worth the consultancy.


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