Never mind spring clean, have a summer clean out

Offices will more than likely have been given a thorough clean towards the end of last year or the beginning of 2014. Staff levels are lower during these months, which provides the perfect opportunity for a deep clean and clear out. When should this be done again?

Spring may immediately come to mind, as those months are traditionally viewed as the optimum time to do heavy duty cleaning. However, staffing levels will be reduced over the summer months due to employees going on holiday or taking time off to enjoy the British weather.

A thorough cleaning will need to be done at some point again before the festive period. As the temperatures increase so does the levels of humidity, dust, dirt, pollen and sweat – meaning summer is the best time to clean out.

Here are some areas that should be attended to during a summer clean out.


Carpets in any working environment are likely to take a battering as they experience high levels of traffic.

But, it is important they are cleaned professionally on a regular basis as they are hot beds for pollutants, which can have adverse effects on indoor environments as they build up.

The NHS advises that pollen can live for up to three months on a carpet!

Giving a carpet a deep clean every three, six, or nine months can extend the life of an office carpet for up to three years! This means it helps employees and the budget stay healthy.

Blinds or curtains

Blinds and curtains are infamous for attracting dirt and dust, and even if they were cleaned earlier in the year it is likely they will need some attention over summer.

As the days get brighter, dusty blinds will become more noticeable – to staff and visitors. A simple wipe with a cloth or onceover with a feather duster will make them instantly cleaner and this will work to create a more professional working environment.

If the blinds or curtains are caked in dirt then the best option will be to get them professionally cleaned.


Dust in the dry summer air is likely to stick to windows, and, as with blinds, the brighter light will shine through the glass making it obvious that they could do with a good clean.

You can opt to undertake this task yourself, if the windows are low down and cleaning them will not cause any health and safety issues. But, you may want to hire a professional office cleaning company to carry out the work.

Calling in the professionals means that the windows can be cleaned inside and out so that the glass is crystal clear and shines.

Office equipment

According to the NHS, hay fever affects one in four people, meaning that 25 per cent of employees in one office could be suffering with it.

One of the symptoms of the condition is sneezing, and not everybody covers their mouth and nose or washes their hands after having an episode. The germs are then transferred to keyboards, phones and other pieces of office equipment they have come into contact with.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean desk areas to make sure they are hygienic.

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