Productivity Advice for Online Entrepreneurs

Optimal PerformanceOkay, so this is not my first post.

It’s my fourth post.

And I have a confession… I wrote the first three posts on this blog with double intentions.

I wanted to raise some eyebrows and create content that was linkable, remarkable and sharable. And if you go back, scroll down, and check the social proof (comments, retweets, likes and +1’s) on those posts, you will see that I had huge success with at least some of them.

In fact, maybe you subscribed because of one of those posts? And we wouldn’t have wanted you to miss this important post.

Today I don’t have double intentions. This post is not primarily about going viral on Twitter, or getting mentioned on other large blogs.

What I want to do today is simply to introduce you to the Productive Entrepreneur blog and to me, Dries Cronje, the founder and author of this blog.

I won’t talk too much about myself today. But I promise to share my story sometime soon.

What’s this blog all about?

The topic of this blog is productivity. And my target audience is online entrepreneurs.

And, thus, the headline of this post is productivity advice for online entrepreneurs.

Thing is, I’m passionate about online business. I believe we live in a world where the playing field has been leveled. True freedom and independence is on offer to brave souls.

An entrepreneur with enough savvy, time, and opportunity can do something amazing online. This will help her become financially self-sufficient while creating a better world for her clients and those around her.

However, I also believe that as you set out to achieve such an amazing entrepreneurial endeavor, you meet some serious obstacles. Both obstacles from within yourself and from outside sources will try and spoil the day.

You need to manage four key areas of your life to overcome inner and outer obstacles, and to work productively to achieve success.

1. Stay Aware of the Present Moment

As soon as you get caught up in the future, you run the risk of reducing the present moment to a means to an end. This will reduce the quality of your work, and also cause you discomfort and anxiety. You’ll be negative, and wish you could just get to a certain point in the future, where (you believe) you will feel happy and at peace.

The key is actually to stay in the present moment: stay cool, calm and collected. Do what you need to do… here and now.

2. Manage your Energy Wisely

Life is energy. The entrepreneur that successfully manages her energy has a much higher chance of achieving greatness.

We are concerned with two types of energy here:

  • Physical energy — the energy that you use to operate muscles…
  • Life energy — the more subtle sense of vitality that gives life to your body, keeps your heart beating, and helps you come up with creative solutions to problems.

These two types of energy need to be maintained and kept going. How to do that is the topic of at least ten further posts. They’re coming…

3. Manage your Time

Without time you can achieve nothing.

Here we are concerned mainly with freeing up schedule time. We need to remain careful not to spend too much time planning and dreaming about the future… We need to manage the time we have available every day.

This is done through organizing and prioritizing everything in your life. And the idea is not to have some cold, hard, inflexible system.

The idea is to find something that works for you. Everyone’s system will look different, but discovering yours is extremely important.

4. Focus

If you are present, have ample energy and all the time in the world, yet you do not focus on what is important, it will all be in vain.

You need to figure out what you want to achieve. Then you need to figure out what you need to do to achieve your goal… Finally, you need to focus enough to ensure that you use the resources at your disposal to do what needs to get done.

Day after day.

That focus needs to be maintained until you achieve your goal. Sometimes in the face of great adversity.

If you quit, give up or lose focus… You’ve failed. And here, on this blog, failure is not an option. Productive Entrepreneur is all about achieving what you set out to do achieve, even when the going gets tough!

By carefully managing your projects and focusing on the important next actions to take, you can ensure that you make swift progress.

To summarize…

I would like to help online solo-entrepreneurs — people like myself — to be productive enough to achieve stunning success.

I’ll attempt to do this through writing helpful and inspiring blog posts, offering readers access to helpful communities, offering them helpful information products and one-on-one coaching services.

I’ll leave you with a couple of things that I’m really passionate about. This is the stuff that gets my blood flowing:

  1. I believe in the viability of online business success for the solo-entrepreneur.
  2. I believe that an entrepreneur needs to be productive and focused to achieve success.
  3. I believe that if an entrepreneur manages their presence, energy, time and focus, she will get the important things done.
  4. I believe that if an entrepreneur works cleverly and productively, financial success will come. It’s inevitable — no lucky breaks required.
  5. I believe that many entrepreneurs are plagued by issues such as performance anxiety, stress, procrastination, creative block, and overwhelm. I aim to help them overcome these issues and get back to their productive best.

Please share any comments, ideas or objections below.

Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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