Tips for Working Safely with a Lathe

Tips for Working Safely with a Lathe

Lathes are brilliant to work with, you can create so many great things, table and chair legs, baseball bats, and crown moulding to name off a few. Lathes can be a dangerous tool if you are inexperienced, not trained properly, or careless. The potential for injury or even death is possible if not used with cation and care. Proper safety training and understanding of the tool is very critical to ones well being. A lathe rotates wood at speeds of between 200 to 4,000 rpm. So the potential for risk is great. Keep these safety tips in mind when working with a lathe machine.images-36

When operating a lathe make sure to inspect all parts for defects before powering on. When deciding on what machine is best for you, make sure you find a lathes for sale that has the right specifications for the size of job you will be undertaking. Not having her proper tool for the job can be both dangerous and inefficient. Make sure to follow the rules for correct handling of woodturning tools and hand position on the lathe’s tool rest. Make sure to follow the guidelines on turning speeds, especially for roughing operations.

Its of upmost importance to inspect the wood closely before undertaking any project to make sure it will withstand the pressure of the lathe .When selecting wood, be certain to only use carefully inspected wood with no knots or splits. Be sure that all glued or laminated pieces have had time to dry before starting work if not proper combined it can be very hazardous.

If adjustments need to be made to the lathe it is crucial that you disconnect the power to the machine beforehand. Always rotate the stock by hand before you power the lathe on to make sure that it clears the tool rest. Never adjust the position of the tool rest while the lathe is running. Always remove the toolsets from the lathe’s bed when sanding. Do not leave the lathe running unattended. Keep the lathe unplugged when you are not using and prior to making adjustment

Here are some key tips for any work environment and very important to working with larger machines. Clean up wood shavings and sawdust frequently. Leaving sawdust and debris is a fire, tripping and health hazard and just an unsafe working atmosphere. Have a well stocked first-aid kit in the shop where it is easily accessible. An accident can happen at any moment and it’s good to be well prepared if disaster strikes. Never wear loose clothing or jewelry and Keep long sleeves rolled up and long hair tied back whilst operating a large machine. Dangling items can easily be bound and pull your limbs into the machine. The amount of debris and dust in the air when operating a lathe is abundant always wear a dust mask when sanding. Wear safety glasses or visor at all times while a lathe is being used. It’s not uncommon for objects to be spit or flung out with the machine is operating. Wear approved safety boots with non-slip soles. Have ear plugs or ear muffs to protect your hearing.

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