Top Tips for Corporate Business Travelers

Is your working life always on the go? Is the airport your second office? Some might find this type of lifestyle free or even glamorous, but chances are if this is you, you know about the not-so-fun aspects of business travel. Endless security checks, plane food and that guy putting his seat down right in front of you. But never fear, here are some great tips to help your business trip go more smoothly!


Ask for Upgrades

You never know what upgrades you could get as a business traveler unless you just ask! When you’re dressed sharply, use it to gain extra perks on your business trip. When you check in for your flight, ask with a friendly smile if there are any upgrades available- the check-in person could bump you up a class. The same goes for hotels, rentals cars or anywhere else that specials could be available for those with a friendly query.

Create Healthy Habits

It’s not always easy to stay healthy on the road. With all the fast food in the airports and sitting around, it’s easy to consume mindless junk calories. Pack some healthy snacks like fruit and granola for those times when all you see is McDonalds. Get enough sleep and avoid drinking alcohol to feel fresh when you arrive at that Bournemouth conference center or wherever your work meetings might be held.

Pack Smart

Since you’re likely just bringing a carryon or two, pack for the reality of overhead space, which truly isn’t much. It’s usually smart to pack two equal sized bags so you can put one under the seat and one overhead. Keep your electronics all in one place to make it easy to work on the plane.

Create a Routine

Especially if you’ll be traveling overseas, creating a routine for your business travel will help you save energy, beat jet lag and be more productive on the road. Organize your bags the same way everytime so you’re not rummaging through at the last minute for things you need. And when you arrive at your destination, try to adjust to the local time as soon as possible. Try to avoid major napping during the day because it will make it harder to get over jet lag.

Stay Connected

Make sure that your hotel has a reliable internet connection before arrival so you can be productive right away. Use time on the plane to catch up on any writing or non-internet work, then connect when you land to send any emails you’ve written offline. If your trip involves meeting with clients or colleagues, don’t forget to get a quick nap in after landing to be energized for maximum productivity- just make sure you keep it to 20 minutes!


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