Top Tips for a Healthy Heart

You probably already know that a healthy heart is essential for a healthy life. It’s the organ that pumps life force through your body, so taking the time and care to ensure it’s working properly can add years onto your life! But unfortunately, many habits in life today can compromise heart health. So read on to learn how you can take control and make your heart healthy with some simple lifestyle changes!


Improve your diet

Did you know that changing your diet even just a bit can really improve the health of your heart? First of all, minimize trans fats as much as possible, which are found in fast food and processed foods. Replace them with healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats like those found in fish, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Just a small handful of walnuts after lunch and dinner can create a significant improvement in your heart health.


Stress is unfortunately one of the biggest contributors to heart disease today. With the constant barrage of news, media and obligations in our lives, it’s easy to get overstressed and the heart can suffer from it. So create some space in your life to unplug from social media and the news. Dedicate an hour per day to time for yourself, reading and meditating, or whatever it is that chills you out.

Check your heart

It’s hard to know how much you need to improve your heart health, if you’re not even sure where you stand. That’s why it’s important to take a heart health test so you know how you’re doing. We recommend the HBF Healthy Heart Check because it’s a simple test that lets you know how you’re doing, and can help you identify areas in your life that you can improve to increase your heart health.

Quit smoking

Smoking is another major risk factor for heart disease and other heart problems. So if you’re a smoker, it is imperative that you find a way to quit, if you want to reduce this risk in your life. And if you live with smokers or are exposed to smoke regularly, find a way to change your lifestyle to remove this risk.

Strength Train

You might think that cardio exercise is the best way to keep your heart in good shape, but it’s strength training that will really beef up its health factor. Yes, cardio training is helpful but when you strength train, you reduce your body fat percentage while increasing muscle mass and endurance, all of which contributes to a healthy heart.

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