Working from home: pros and cons

When it comes to our career, making sure that you are happy and passionate about what you do is very important. Not only do you want to make sure you are on the right career path but you want to make sure you have a comfortable working environment. If you’re thinking of ditching the office and working from home, read on for some sound advice on the pleasures and pitfalls of working for yourself versus working for someone else.

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The advantages of ditching the office and working for yourself… 

You are your own boss. Your timetable is dictated by you, so if you prefer to get up late and work into the night, you can do. You’re not going to have a go at yourself if you get into work late. On that note, there’s not very far to travel from your bedroom to your study, cutting out travel costs and commuting stress. You’ll also save on dry-cleaning bills as you can wear what you like for the most part (just watch out for those Skype calls if you’re working in your onesie).

And no more forking out at the local sandwich shop or battling 50 other co-workers for the microwave at lunch – you can enjoy your lunch in the peace of your own kitchen and you don’t have to work through it just because your line manager is. Working from home means there are no annoying colleagues bothering you with their body odour or bad music tastes and absolutely no office politics, petty backbiting and mind-numbing gossip to content with.


There’s no one to tell you to buck your ideas up and it’s all too easy to let a 9am start become a 10am start, until eventually you don’t start work until noon, meaning you’re either pulling late nights to compensate or making little in the way of a profit.

You realise you miss your irritating colleagues more than you thought you would when the postman starts sprinting away from your house after hastily shoving your mail through the letterbox in order to avoid being accosted yet again by you talking to him for much longer than is socially acceptable.

So what’s it to be? Now you have all the facts, the choice is yours!





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