How to Find Your Money Task… and DO it Like a Ninja!

NinjasSometimes an online entrepreneur gets confused.

There are so many things to do that you get overwhelmed. You can’t finish anything because you’re frantically jumping between tasks. Until you just can’t take it any more…

And the people who are supposed to help you don’t make it any easier either. One “guru” says you need to post more often. Another “guru” tells you to do a podcast… or a webinar.

And elsewhere you read that you need to create video so your visitors can see you and make a stronger connection.

Thing is, these suggestions don’t help you when you’re confused and lost in a sea of urgent to-do list items.

And you’re getting more worried by the day. This online venture is costing you all your time, effort, energy and innovation, and you’re yet to make $100. Never mind $1,000! Regardless of how well your money management skills are, without any money to manage you’re in the red.

Let’s talk about finding, and doing, your money task.

Your money task is the one task that you absolutely need to do.

If all goes south and this online venture of yours fails, it’s that task you’ll look back on and regret not doing more often.

Doing your money task often and early leads to more money in your bank account, and (coupled with a bit of patience) almost guarantees the success of your venture.

You’re not alone…

Most online entrepreneurs suffer feelings of overwhelm.

Recently, one of my top online business coaching clients complained about this. I was surprised, since this lady is a machine. She really gets things done!

In the short couple of months that we’ve worked together, she’s built up a blog that’s already the envy of her business connections.

She’s landing guest posts after guest post, and her subscriber list is growing strongly.

Yet, here she was complaining about feeling overwhelmed…

As I pondered this afterward, I had some insights. I know how to overcome overwhelm! I’ve been doing it for years.

The only way to overcome it is to know what your money task is, and to return to that, time after time. And when you feel overwhelmed, it’s probably because you’re neglecting your money task.

How to find your money task

There’s a certain task that you absolutely have to do. Chances are excellent that it involves some form of creativity.

It’s not that boring day-job task you’re neglecting and worry about getting fired over. Most often such little anxieties are just you being silly.

I’m referring to a task that promotes or builds the thing you’re here to do. I mean that thing that’s really important to you… You know, the one that you consider as your “higher purpose.”

For online entrepreneurs, this “thing” is usually their online business.

You have to find that task (you’re only allowed one… maybe two) that helps you grow your business fast. And you only grow your business when you grow the assets of your business.

And you don’t want to blindly grow any old asset. You want to grow your ultimate asset.

What’s your ultimate asset?

The ultimate asset for an online business is a list of people, happily subscribed via email, impatiently waiting to hear from you. Not just any list will do. You want a list…

Arrow - Green Large enough to make you decent money,
Arrow - Green Filled with subscribers who know, like and trust you, and
Arrow - Green Who are looking forward to hearing about your next quality product, ready to buy.


There are other assets as well. The products you sell are assets. Your time is an asset, especially if you sell that through a service offering. Content pages that rank well with search engines are assets. An email autoresponder that wows new subscribers is an asset.

But let’s focus on your ultimate asset for now. We’re trying to cut through the clutter here to determine what task builds your ultimate asset and grows your business.

And that ultimate asset is a large, warm subscriber list, ready to spend money. Are you starting to see why I call it your “money task”?

The minimalist guide to growing an online business

So what tasks help you grow your ultimate asset? Here are a few examples.

Arrow - Green Writing an excellent blog post. A remarkable, valuable blog post gets visitors to subscribe, and subscribers to spread the word on social networks. It also serves as a source of continual traffic if it ranks well with the search engines.
Arrow - Green Sending a helpful email to your subscribers. Such emails get people who are on your list to know, like and trust you more. You’re building a relationship with every person on your list and this is worth gold when you have something to promote.
Arrow - Green Creating a helpful ebook that you give away as a subscription bonus. If you give visitors a reason to subscribe, more of them will do so. A helpful ebook or report as a free download will do wonders for your subscription uptake rate.
Arrow - Green Writing and submitting a well-crafted guest post. The bio link(s) to your site will get you traffic. If it’s a large blog that your posting on — and if the landing page that you send visitors to is any good — you’ll get many new subscribers.


Guest posts also give you more search engine “moola” by getting you handy in-pointing links from other influential blogs, probably in a niche similar to yours.

And… It gets your brand out there and in front of fresh faces.

As I said earlier, an ebook, interactive learning experience or other information product is also an asset, since it makes you money. No, it doesn’t necessarily build your list, but it could be impressive enough to turn buyers into repeat customers.

So… What’s the common denominator there?

The shocking truth about content

Everything I mention above deals with content. Go back. Check it out.

Building up your email subscriber list is all about creating content. And that’s why content marketing is all the rage.

Content marketing is defined as creating and giving away content that manages to attract new subscribers, turn those subscribers into fans, and ultimately turn fans into customers and repeat buyers.

Every productive task mentioned above, except the product creation bit, can be considered content marketing. And the product creation bit is actually what’s necessary to make money… so I guess it’s part of the process, right?

I have stated elsewhere that content marketing is the online entrepreneur’s most productive task. And I state it again. It’s worth repeating… in bold!

Content marketing is the online entrepreneur’s most productive task.

Got that? Congratulations. You’ve found your money task.

Whenever you wonder what you should actually be doing when you’re screwing around, know this… You should be busy with some form of content marketing or creating paid content (not strictly content marketing because you’re not giving it away for free).

Content is what builds an online business!

Watch out for Resistance!

I bet that by now you’re familiar with Steven Pressfield’s term for self-sabotage: the Resistance. If not, you should urgently read The War of Art and Do the Work.

And if you have read them, read them again. They’ll get you really productive.

For now, it’s worth noting that the Resistance is particularly opposed to you doing really important tasks. Tasks like… your money task!

So… Doing your money task might not be as simple as just pitching up every day. You might be in for a bit of opposition here.

There’s a primitive version of you who wants to eat, watch movies, lose yourself in sexual fantasies and do absolutely nothing constructive. It likes getting drunk too.

You have to realize this and operate from a higher consciousness if you’re going to make solid progress.

What to do next…

This is the “and DO it Like a Ninja!” bit that I promise in the title of the post.

And I think you know what I’m going to say…

I bet while you were reading the above you were thinking of something. Something important. Something that you’ve been neglecting.

Here’s your challenge.

Do it right now.

Yes, you read that correctly. Right now. Just like a ninja.

Need to do something else that’s urgent? Screw that. It can wait.

Want to wait ‘til after lunch? No way. Do whatever’s been bothering you right now.

You only ever have now. Tomorrow is an illusion. Thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow” will only cause procrastination and eventual project abandonment.

Forget about everything else. Take your time. Make this your best attempt at [fill in whatever you need to do here] ever. Let time stand still while you pour your heart and soul into this one task. And then come back and do it again tomorrow!

By the way, as a little aside… If you follow these challenges that I give at the end of blog posts and emails, you’ll grow into a more productive entrepreneur. No doubt! And you know what that means, right?

More money in your pocket.

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